Cyalume SnapLight Industrial Grade Light Stick – a survival tool that your survival kit must have

Survival kits contain a wide range of survival tools, where each tool has its own purpose of course. Some tools are made for hunting, while some tools are used for orienteering. Pocket survival gadgets and tools usually have some kind of light source for the case you find yourself somewhere in the dark. Those usually have small LED lights which are cool, but there is something even better, which is a common survival tool in military survival gear but also a common in better-equipped camping survival kits. That is of course a snaplight stick.


Cyalume SnapLight Industrial Grade Light Stick is an excellent backup solution for your emergency kit when you need a quick illumination. These sticks are excellent – I have had an opportunity to use them on several occasions and I can say that I was more than satisfied, especially when I consider low price for such a good product. These 6 inches long sticks produce instant illumination, which can be seen up to a mile away for 12 hours (in the case of optimal conditions). These light sticks are waterproof, non-toxic and the most important – non-flammable. The light is spread as soon as you shake the tube, bend and snap it. It provides you with the 360 degree illumination – where the best results are achieved if you attach the stick to something, since it has a hook at the top for easier hanging.


Regardless to the quality, these sticks are fully protected from light and moisture, with a five-year lifetime from the day of production.

The sticks are made from low-density polyethylene,  the internal substance is non-toxic so you don’t have to fear for your health, plus all the parts are recyclable. From my own experience, you should use these sticks between 4 to 27 degrees of Celsius, since the effectiveness and the amount of produced light drop off at lower temperatures. With each 10 Celsius  degrees, whether upscale or downscale, the amount of light drops off – so have in mind that data. The best thing about these sticks is that they come in a package of 10 sticks for a reasonable price. Do not wait – hurry up and complete your emergency preparedness kit with these sticks – you don’t want to end up in the dark when your LED lights run out.

  • Cyalume SnapLight Industrial Grade Light Sticks
  • Customer Review 4.7/5

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