The most important survival tool of every survival kit – Mylar Thermal Blanket

Every survival kit must include this excellent survival tool in order to ensure one of your top priorities in the wilderness – a shelter. If you wonder what to put in a survival kit, this thing must be on the first place. Mylar thermal blanket is a rescue blanket that provides you with emergency protection in all kinds of weather conditions. High-quality insulation mylar material will definitely help you to stay warm and dry during heavy rainfalls when you don’t have any options to build a shelter for yourself.


The product is very durable as long as you don’t cut it with the razor – if you do that, expect fast ripping off. I personally know how durable and warm is since I have used it on my camp trips during cold nights. The temperature outside was just below 37 Fahrenheit degrees but I was feeling comfortably warm in my blanket. Since that day, when I used the blanket for the first time, each of my survival kits, military kits and emergency kits must include mylar thermal blanket.


The biggest flaw of this product is a sound that is produces when you move – it sounds like tin foil when you are moving around. Other than that, this products is completely flawless and I strongly suggest you to include it in your everyday emergency kit, especially in wilderness survival kit.

  • Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets
  • Customer Review 4.6/5

The blanket retains over 90% of body heat, reflects the sunlight (therefore can be used as signaling tool if you find yourself on the open ground where you have the direct sunlight) and it is completely waterproof, so you will stay safe, dry and warm. The full size of the blanket is around 54 inches x 84 inches, but the coolest thing about the product is very small size when you compress it – it is only a size of pack of cards (even smaller), where its weight is negligible and weights almost nothing.

If you are looking to buy the best survival kit, or any kind of zombie survival kit, mylar thermal blanket must be the number one item you should check for in the kit. All military survival kits and emergency preparedness kits have this blanket on their survival kit checklist, so if you wonder how to put together a survival kit, you should start from here.

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