LifeStraw Personal Water Filter – life saver number one for survival kits

As you know, water is more than necessary for our lives, especially drinking water. Going on the camping trips in the wilderness without water filter is not smart at all. Your emergency preparedness kit must, beside other essential items, also have LifeStraw Personal Water Filter. American Red Cross Disaster Preparedness included this item in all kinds of emergency survival kits, due to its remarkable quality and safety – you will feel safe to drink water from a pond or a river without a fear of catching some virus or bacteria. When it comes to the question what to put in a survival kit, this item must be a part of your survival kit and must be on the list.


The LifeStraw is a filter with a membrane that is built in a straw. The straw serves you as a tool to drink water, which goes through the filter, where the filter purifies water up to 99%. The filter can filter up to 1000 liters of water, so it is relatively cheap when you consider its possibility. A good survival kit must have some kind of water-filtering tool, since you never you in what type of situation you can find yourself.

This straw is the perfect choice for military survival kits, wilderness survival kits or everyday emergency kit. Survival tools are usually crucial for the existence in the wilderness, to this is also one of the survival tools that can help you greatly when it comes to drinking water.  This water filter has passed EPA standards for water filters. The best part about this water filter is that filters 0.2 microns and filters water without the use of chemicals like iodine or chlorine. It also comes in a sealed bag. The size of the item is 8.86×0.98×8.86 inches and weighs around 0.11 pounds. Whether you are going for camping, hunting, survival or just some hiking, it is more than a good choice for ensuring a drinking water for yourself. Personally, I have tested the filter – I was on a hiking and I bump into a sort of pond – a stagnant water was there and I tested the filter. Worked like a charm! No traces of bad taste!

  • LifeStraw Personal Water Filter
  • Customer Review 4.7/5


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