Survivor HK-106320 Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife – a great survival tool that must be included in your survival kit

Surviving in the wilderness consists of few parts: planning, collecting, building and surviving. The first part is the essentially important, because you don’t have a lot of resources neither time usually, so must act quick. It slightly lays on the second part which is closely connected to building – once you collect everything you need for your shelter/camp, you are ready for the building process.


In the end is of course a survival – which is tough if you don’t have a good survival kit packed with survival tools. For this occasion, I will talk about a nice outdoor knife, with multi-features that can save you from some troubles, which are usually present during the survival situations.

Survivor HK-106320 Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife is a tanto blade, made of stainless steel that comes with two additional features under the same price – meaning that this knife is a great choice for a prepper kit, wilderness survival kits or any kind of emergency survival kits. The whole item is about 7 inches in size (where the blade is around 3 inches) which is a really compact size and great even for camping survival occasions etc. The handle of this blade is wrapped with a strong military paracord that can be used for a various tasks – from climbing to the making of shelters and tents and so on. Great feature that also comes with this blade is a fire starter.

  • Survivor HK-106320 Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife
  • Customer Review 4.1/5


You will get a high-quality magnesium alloy fire starter with lanyard so starting a fire won’t be sort of problem for you if you include this one in your survival kit. The item comes in a nylon sheath with belt loop and dual pockets so you can attach it to your belt and be ready for a challenge at any time. This outdoor knife is perfect choice for camping trips but also for emergency survival kits that don’t have too much room for larger items. The handle, as I have said, is wrapped in 550 paracord to give you a nice and solid grip during bad weather conditions but also to give you a thick and strong rope in the case of emergency.

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